Quality Assurance

To ensure Insight are delivering the care they propose within the company mission statement, the Annual Quality Assurance Questionnaire was designed to assess the quality of care it currently offers to those who use or who are linked to the service. Insight is keen to hear the thoughts and feedback from all persons that are linked with the service and these are completed on an annual basis. This feedback will identity and highlight areas of strengths and weaknesses of the service. Recommendations for change to the service will be actioned to ensure Insight continuously maintains the highest standard of care and support.

Insight based their questions for the Quality Assurance Questionnaire 2019 on ‘The Driving up Quality code’ and the ‘Care Quality Commissions five standards’. The Driving Up Quality Code outlines the good fundamental practices for organisations that support people with learning disabilities.

The driving up quality code sets out 5 key areas that indicate the practices of a good organisation:

1. Support is focused on the person
2. The person is supported to have an ordinary and meaningful life
3. Care and support focus on people being happy and having good quality of life
4. A good culture is important to the organisation
5. Managers and board members lead and run the organisation well

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) are an independent regulator of health and adult social care. They are responsible for monitoring and inspecting service providers to ensure a high standard of care and encourage care services to improve.


View our 2019 Quality Assurance results here.


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