Insight is totally committed to offering people with learning disabilities and severe challenging behaviour(s), the opportunity to live within the community and which provides a home like environment.

For this purpose four individual properties have been purchased, situated in socially valued areas and close to all local public services and amenities.

Our service offers people the opportunity to take control of their own lives and to actively participate in the day to day decisions which affect them.

Formally, services have placed low expectations on people labelled as having a learning disability and additional challenging behaviour. This has meant that their potential for growth and development has been denied with the inevitable result that they have become stigmatized and devalued by society, with the main emphasis of care being that of containment of behavioural symptoms, rather than a systematic approach focused on the causations of the behaviour.

Our service is underpinned by firstly the declared belief that all people with learning disabilities irrespective of the degree of learning disability or challenging behaviour are capable of substantial growth and development, and that this continues throughout life.

Secondly, the only appropriate model of care which can realise in practice this philosophy is the model based on an ordinary home in the local community, which also provides specialist behavioural support.

Thirdly, our service philosophy states that the consumer, i.e. service user/ client, has the fundamental right to challenge all aspects of service provision, and that it is the duty of the service to adapt and modify itself to the changing needs and wishes of the consumer.

Insight places great emphasis on clients being given the dignity and respect that is their right. This belief has profound implications on the way the service is run. In practice this means staff and clients participate as equals in all ordinary activities associated with living within an ordinary home. To this end clients will receive constant encouragement to become more independent and to exercise their choice over the environment. This will be backed up by constant support and guidance.

It therefore follows that each individual will be presented (in some cases for the first time in their lives) with an appropriate level of challenge and that normative risks will be taken as would be found in any home. Central to this is the services commitment to Person Centered Planning, which puts the individual client in control of setting personal goal’s both for short and long term achievement.

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