Service Users

Each individual service user is provided with the opportunity to take control of their life and to actively participate in day to day decisions and activities.

Each home is based upon the model of an ordinary life and upon the principle of normalisation, which will be realised in practice and will aim to achieve and increase each service users individuality by supporting them to:

  • Take risks and make mistakes
  • Making decisions and exercising choice
  • Being treated with dignity and respect
  • Permitting the development of appropriate sexuality
  • Having the right to privacy and personal space
  • Forming relationships within the community
  • Improving social life skills
  • Becoming a valued member of the community

Being given the opportunity and support to enable challenging behaviours to be replaced by socially accepted and appropriate functional equivalents

We will encourage a feeling of belonging by each individual service user, staff members within the service will provide both support and encouragement while continuously reinforcing each service users self esteem and confidence.

Insight aim to provide a life style which satisfies social, cultural, religious and recreational interests and leads with additional promotion on positive interactions between the service user and the service provider (staff).

Families and Friends

Families and Friends will be supported to enable appropriate levels of contact and involvement regarding day to day matters and long term goal planning, this support will be facilitated by either the registered home manager, key worker or care management. Close working relationships will be developed with the families and friends of each service user.

Regular six monthly reviews will be held and at which friends and family can play a part in planning both long and short term goals.

Care Management and the Care Quality Commission

Insight’s working relationship with both agencies has a long healthy history this relationship enables both high levels of care to be maintained and an ability to plan for the future.

Care Management are part of our multidisciplinary team for individual care reviews and person centred planning.

We continue to be monitored by the Care Quality Commission being recently awarded Outstanding status at three of our homes.

Care Management are part of our multidisciplinary team for individual care reviews and person centred planning.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Strategy and Aims

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